Ethiopia - Banko Fuafuate


Ethiopia - Banko Fuafuate


Strawberry Jam, Fudge, Dense

8oz Bag

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Banko Fuafuate is the name of the kebele, essentially a neighborhood, within the larger Yirgacheffe district where the washing station of the same name is located. Receiving freshly harvested coffee from smallholder farmers in the field, the workers at Banko Fuafuate will then select, sort, and process – either pulping and washing or simply sending the cherries straight to drying. In either case, the drying process will occur on traditional raised beds, receiving frequent rotation and undergoing continuous sorting.

We selected this excellent dry-processed Ethiopian coffee for its broad appeal and balance of bright fresh stonefruit and berry flavors, gentle fructose sweetness, and silky smooth viscosity. It’s a crowd-pleaser, deftly supplying sufficient tartaric and acetic notes for the natural lovers in the audience and simultaneously, harmoniously integrating exceptional cleanliness.


Elevation:  1950 - 2250 mass
Variety:  Ethiopian Heirloom
Process:  Natural