Buntu Sesean Sapan - Sulawesi

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Buntu Sesean Sapan - Sulawesi


Mandarin, Cedar, Funky

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Located in the Tana Toraja Regency of South Sulawesi, a well regarded coffee growing region, the farmers who produced this lot live and work along the slopes of the Sesean Mountain range. On its eastern slope, cherry is brought down to the market town of Minanga, while on the west the cherry arrives in Sapan for processing. Prior to 2015, these farmers had been processing the coffee themselves, but since then the establishment of the Cooperative of Toraja Coffee Growers has provided the community with support services from education to infrastructure.

While wet hulled preparation is ingrained in the history of coffee production in nearby Sumatra, Sulawesi’s relative early isolation from Dutch colonial influence resulted in a later introduction of the coffee tree and a stronger washed coffee tradition. However, regional demand for giling basah (as it is known locally) began to change the standard preparation methods on Sulawesi around the 1970s, and this coffee is an example of one of the best wet hulled Sulawesi coffees we’ve seen.

The procedure usually entails some form of pulping, followed by a brief drying period to reduce moisture to anywhere between 20-45%. The coffee is then delivered to the mill, where the parchment is removed while still damp, and the coffee completes its drying as the raw green seed. The practice arose from Indonesia’s earliest days of cultivation under Dutch colonizers, and is as pragmatic an exchange as exists in the coffee growing world, one that minimizes labor and time at the front end of the supply chain – an important consideration when labor and time aren’t being compensated. This method leaves its mark on the distinctive jade-like color of the region’s coffees, as well as their funky, earthy flavors, unmatched elsewhere on the globe.


Elevation:  1400 - 1900 masl
Variety:  Catimor, S-795, Typica
Process:  “Giling Bash” (Wet-Hulled)